Nuclius is Global

About Us

Nuclius is a cross-functional software development, project management, and design team with a wealth of experience, remotely based in the United States.

We are here to meet your needs on projects of any size. Whether it's for a large project where you want every detail perfect before a big launch, or an idea that you want to explore, we can help.

Or perhaps you need your project completed on an expedited schedule. Our talented designers, developers, and project managers will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Our Team

Pace Ellsworth


Pace is the Founder and CEO of Nuclius. He is an expert entrepreneur with a passion for bringing web and mobile business ideas to life.



The Dave has skills across the board and facilitates communication between all departments. Whatever it is, he can do it. ENTJ.

Sean Naleid


Sean comes from a linguistics and teaching background. He loves cooking, traveling, learning new languages, and spending time outside.

BJ Hamaker


BJ comes from a rich digital marketing background. He lends a marketing perspective to every phase of web and app design, boosting the endgame of every project.

Christine Carpenter

VP of Product Development

Christine manages all aspects of client projects: drafting proposals, mockups and prototypes, code review, client testing. She loves to learn new things and go camping with her family.

Jackie Atwood

Senior Project Manager

Jackie is a Full-Stack Web Developer, SCRUM Master, and Business Major in Dallas, Texas. She enjoys gaming, music, and goofing around with her daughter.

Taylor Ellsworth

Special Projects Manager

Taylor likes working on projects that increase financial freedom. He enjoys beatboxing, breakdancing, foreign languages, Bitcoin SV, and gaming with his four children.

Parker Dean


Parker assists with the busy behind-the-scenes work between the departments and compiling and completing tasks. When he’s not working, he enjoys gaming, target shooting, hockey, and hiking. ISTP.

Tim Shaker

Full Stack Developer

Tim is a full-stack developer based in Orange County, California, who loves to craft engaging web apps using the latest technologies. When he’s not coding, Tim enjoys learning, listening to a good audiobook, and long bike rides.

Celeste Weingartner

Senior Network Architect

Celeste enjoys finding unique solutions to problems & always learning something every time she does. Her hobbies range from baking to building rockets.

Fatima Villajuan

Office Manager

Fatima does admin works & designs. She supports the team whenever they need assistance. A gamer and loves to learn more about web/app/graphic designing.

Hanz Tura

Backend Developer

Hanz is a former accountant and self-taught programmer who loves Python. He enjoys watching NBA games and commentaries. Hanz aspires to become an established YouTube Content Creator.

Adela Adeoye

Mobile Developer

Adela is a software developer with a passion for helping people find new ways to empower themselves and others using technology. He is a community builder and a family man.

Glendon Baculio

When he is not coding with React.js, Glendon loves traveling and reading Reddit and Sneaker News. Glendon lives by the expression: ‘Pray as if it’s up to God, Work as if it’s up to you’.

Ruel Pacupac

Creative developer, designer and considers himself very adventurous and is always up for challenges. He adores dark coffee and is crazy about driving new cars.

Sao Phophang

Phang is a creative Graphic Designer with real-world experience in the field of advertising for 10 years.